Steps to Certification with AVU


  • A client completes an application via web or email to receive a quote from AVU. This is at no cost or obligation to the client.

  • After reviewing the quote, the client accepts and signs the quotation and returns the contract to AVU.

  • An auditor is then assigned, taking into consideration factors such as location, scope, and experience of client. As a client you can request a specific auditor if you please.

  • The auditor will then contact the client to schedule the initial assessment audit. At least thirty days prior to the audit, AVU will send a detailed plan and schedule for the upcoming audit.

  • The audit is then conducted in accordance to the audit plan and schedule.

  • Upon completion of the audit, a detailed audit report is generated identifying any non-conformances (NCR).

  • The client works with the auditor to resolve any NCR's.

  • An AVU expert for approval then reviews the audit documentation.

  • Once the reviewer approves the closure of NCR's and payment is received, the certificate of registration is issued and sent to the client.

  • Our auditor will then work with the client to schedule surveillance audits to assure adherence to the applicable standard.